Keystone was started by Lynbrook juniors Renee Mok and Iris Leung on March 28, 2020 in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Within a few days, we had established our core team, launched our website, amassed around 50 mentors, and began mentee sign-ups. 


Our initial vision was to bridge the gap between Lynbrook and Miller students by providing support through peer mentorship. A Keystone is the central stone at the summit of a bridge/arch that is placed at the very end to lock all units together. We chose this name to emphasize how we link Miller and Lynbrook students together while also offering tips and advice (ex. what clubs there are on campus, what students should pay attention to with specific teachers, what sports are offered/what practices look like, etc.) that other more traditional tutoring services are unable to offer.  However, since then we have extended our reach past these two schools to ensure that we can offer our services to as many students as possible.


Aside from the cofounders, Keystone’s core team is also made up of Zoe Parkhomovsky, our Director of Expansion (responsible for communicating with outside organizations and establishing new branches/programs), Rachana Aluri, our Director of Communications (responsible for holding mentors accountable and enforcing code of conduct), Marissa Dai, our Director of Public Relations (responsible for maintaining socials), Austin Tong, our Director of Media Production (responsible for creating material that will be used for marketing), and Ian Chen, our Director of Finance (responsible for overlooking and managing financial activities).